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To create long-lasting, deeply-rooted communities

Our Vision

Our Mission

To build homes where beauty is approachable, quality is essential, and thoughtfulness is key.

Our values


About Red Cedar Homes

Discover the epitome of home craftsmanship with Red Cedar, a distinguished home builder nestled in the heart of Charlotte, NC. Our superpower lies in the meticulous creation of single-family homes and townhomes thoughtfully designed to perfection, spanning neighborhoods across the Southeast.

With a rich history encompassing the crafting of more than 2,000 homes, our legacy speaks volumes. For over a decade, we’ve been the cornerstone of Southeastern homebuilding, fostering a network of trusted artisans who help weave the fabric of Red Cedar’s sterling reputation

We infuse innovation into every project through purposeful design and efficient utilization of local materials, trades, experts, and resources. With pride, we contribute to the vibrance and aesthetics of our cherished communities.